Questions about counseling? If you're new to counseling and not sure what to expect, this is the place to start.
    • Mental Well-being

      At RCCS, we are dedicated to helping our clients in their ongoing quest to achieve psychological well-being, adjust competently into society, attain balance in their lives and relationships and better cope with the ordinary demands of daily life.
      • Psychological well-being is a state of mind. The state of mind is made up of your mood, emotion, your thought, and your belief system about the world.
      • Adjustment to the society means dealing with daily hassles. How is your mind affected with managing daily life?
      • Ordinary demands of school, work, family, economic stability, friends, and health are a long list of life running in our minds. How balanced do you feel?
      • To repair our body, we nourish it with healthful foods. Do we consider the wear & tear of our mind?
      • Psychotherapy assists with a positive and balanced mental well-being.
    • Counseling

      Psychotherapy, now generally called counseling, is the interaction between individual and the professional. In our counseling sessions, we use various techniques of psychotherapy through conversation to increase awareness of client's mental well-being.
      • Whether you are looking to improve your individual mental health, or acheive a better group/family dynamic, our services provide an eclectic perspective treatment.
      • In our counseling services, we provide:
        • Unconditional positive regard
        • Utmost confidentiality
        • Honesty and respect
        • A safe and comfortable environment to converse
        • Effective treatment plans that meet your needs
    • Workshops

      Workshops provide psychoeducation in a group setting. They meet the needs of an individual searching for self-improvement, while learning from the experiences of the group at large. Explore some of our workshops below:

      • Stress Stress has negative physical and mental symptoms. Understand what they are, how it applies to you, and what you can do for yourself.
      • Anger Anger has negative consequences and root causes that are unknown to the conscious mind. Understand yourself and learn skills to cope with anger.
      • Communication Skills Like driving or swimming, communication is a skill that may appear simple but requires expert instruction to perform effectively. We provide a guide to improve your personal and professional relationships.
    • Qualifications

      • Licensed Psychotherapist - Supervisor
        Private Practice
        Since 2008 "I believe each individual strives to be a better person and with my diverse exposure, I allow my clients to safely be "individuals! "
      • Houston Baptist UniversityMasters of Arts in Psychology Awarded in 2008
      • University of Houston, Main
        Awarded in 2003Bachelor of Science in Psychology
    • Profile

        • Co-Chair/Member
          Texana Community Advisory Board
          Since 2013 "Texana has become my source of rejuvenating and giving back to the community in creative ways that improve lives of individuals that are not part of my private practice."
        • Professor of Psychology
          Houston Community College-SW
          2009 - 2013"As a professor at Houston Community College, I have an opportunity to engage with young adults in a multicultural setting using my multicultural style. "
        • Director
          Mental Health of America of Fort Bend County
          2010 - 2013 "As a member of the board of MHAFBC, I am able to engage with the community at large about mental health, raising awareness and providing continuing education."
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